Friday, August 12, 2011


The first week of shcool was really boring and exciting well for me . We all have to bring all of our shcool supplise and we did not get to get our lockes so we hat to carry all of our stuff all around the shcool . and my sholders hurt soo bad and i had to carry an extra bag cuz not everything fit in my back pack so that was hard to carry around all day . But i like my teachers well some and i have no favorites yet . There is alot of drama and its bairly the first week ill tell you that . I  cant wait to get my new locker to see who iam nexed to and so I can fainally put all my stuff in there so i want have to carry around i talked about that already . So I gess the first week of school is just harder well thats what i think and you have to make new friends and get everything ready and in the middle of the week we have to still buy extra shcool supplise and my mom is tierd of buying new things everyday .  :(

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